All Over In A Bolt?

It seems the Pimms has officially run dry. It’s been over seven weeks since we watched Andy Murray break down on centre court, two weeks since Miss Ennis et al hung up their yellow Nikes, and now, save for a few Carnival inebriates, the August bank holiday is officially over. So long street parties, Union Jack manicures and Mo-Mania. Adieu Harry’s bare buttocks! We may long for an encore, but there’s no denying that the days are getting shorter, autumn targets are being set and Asda are now selling more pencil cases than barbecues. And Cumberbatch or no Cumberbatch, no new period drama can veil the gloom. Nor can any clever marketer present the ‘cosy night in’ as a worthy successor to the prosecco on the terrace. What’s more, adding further insult to injury, The Times has recently warned its readership that British living standards are set to decline for a whopping ten more years. Summer 2012 may have brought gold-winning escapism, but September heralds a return to reality.

Indeed, after a travel-packed summer and with only one week before the advent of the 9 to 5, I’ve ditched the sandals and have every intention of keeping my newly booted feet on home turf. At least for a little while. After all, Romantic Mini-Breaks, New York Benders, Italian Adventures and Berlin Booze Ups don’t pay for themselves. Sure I’ll miss the lunchtime tipples, the summer reads, the European prices and the non-existence of rush hour. But EasyJet’s loss is London’s gain…

It so happens that months of gossiping with the Minxie Pixie, schmoozing with The Boyfriend and cocktail sipping with New York It Girl have provided no end of inspiration. Not to mention the wonders they’ve done for this gal’s joie de vivre. In fact, the nights may be getting longer and Mr Osborne’s forecasts more grim, but I can think of no better excuse to don an LBD, crack open the Cava and give the British economy a much needed boost. Look out London!

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