About Libertine

Since turning Twenty-One, life got seriously interesting. It also became a lot more entertaining for those who were regularly regaled with my SATC style anecdotes. Too right – my serial dating would give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money. Yes it was a very good year for those City boys. And many, many more…Two whole years have passed since this Libertine made her debut on the London dating scene. I no longer have the smug satisfaction of one thriving in that pinnacle year of Girlhood, but the Twenties have continued to roar. The dates have got better for a start. Life was fun at Twenty-One, but it was also full of Frogs and Puppy Dogs. Of course it was a fantastic education. In French for a start. Not to mention in the merits of public transport, common wine list etiquette and in the nasty effects of the ‘back, sack and crack’. But turning Twenty-Two brought MEN. Now, at Twenty-Three, I’ve kept hold of ‘em! Or should I say him.

Fear not intrepid daters, the London Libertine is still live and kicking! I may have swapped Garfunkel’s with Gilgamesh, mojitos with martinis and Frenchies with, well, a Brit, but I still know a Frog when I see one. I’m here to guide you through the mogul-field that is London Romance.

After all, this City can confuse a girl. Is the cute guy checking you out or is he scanning for an Evening Standard? Should we even be accepting the offers of a stranger? Where on earth can you find somewhere to sit and drink at 6pm? It can be baffling – but it can also be a lot of fun. There really are so many beaus to attract, dates to be had and watering holes to be drunk. A few wise words are all that’s needed. Take note, you never know where you’ll find that next Mojito…

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